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Teachers‘ Education and Culture Center of Klaipėda city (here in referred to TECC) is a budgetary institution of the municipality of Klaipeda’s city. It was established on 21 October 1999 according to a decision (No. 191) of the city’s municipality. TECC start – 1 December 1999. On March 17, 2011 when the resoliution of Klaipeda City municipality (No T2-66) approved the regulations of this Center (Klaipėda City Municipality, 10 July 2015, resoliution No T2-158).

TECC is a qualification training institution. Persons who have completed the course of the chosen programs and have fulfilled the requirements of these programs are issued certificates of qualification improvement.


Modern, informational and methodological institution of Teachers‘ Qualification Improvement, providing quality educational services, focusing on the needs of the region and the country, also taking consideration into changing infrastructure and issues of the educational system.


Create the Modern Qualification Improvement center for the development of teachers‘ skills and experience. To elaborate teachers‘ professional, intellectual and cultural needs.

Main activity – provide information, counseling, qualification improvement and other assistance for Headmasters, Deputies for education, Education organizing department leaders, teachers and other specialists of Klaipėda City Municipality.

Area – Education.

The objective of the activity – create conditions and encourage individuals to acquire and develop competences in order to ensure a high level of education quality.


  • develop the needs of qualification improvement, obtain qualitative qualification improvement services, create conditions for participation in qualification improvement events;
  • encourage individuals to acquire the knowledge and skills acquired during qualification improvement activities in their practical activities and increase their responsibility for the quality of education;
  • develop professional co-operation and dissemination of good practice;
  • rational use the funds for improvement of qualification.

Main features:

  • researches and analyzes the needs of qualification improvement of individuals;
  • develops qualification improvement programs and organizes qualification improvement events (seminars, courses, lectures, exhibitions, conferences, internships, educational trips-seminars, open lessons / activities, consultations, methodical days, practical exercises, supervisors, mini-training, forums);
  • publicly publishes information on the activities of the TECC, the implementation of qualification improvement programs and their accreditation, and the organization of qualification improvement events;
  • establishes the procedure for the preparation of qualification improvement programs, approbation, organization of events (registration of participants, grouping, execution, documentation);
  • investigates the effectiveness of qualification improvement programs and events, their impact on the quality of work;
  • organizes methodological activities, provides methodological assistance to individuals and disseminates their best work experience in accordance with the procedure provided by legal acts;
  • organizes exchanges of teachers, headmasters and specialists from the city and abroad to improve their qualifications;
  • ensures the quality of the organized events;
  • organizes cultural, publishing and other activities;
  • issues certificates of qualification and other documents in accordance with the procedure established by legal acts;
  • disseminates information on events, competitions, projects;
  • improves the information data environments (internet, education bank);
  • provides methodological materials for city educational institutions;
  • performs other functions prescribed by legal acts.

Forms of qualification improvement events:

(Improvement of qualification is carried out according to non-formal education programs)

  • courses – at least 30 hours long, comprehensive and focused training, according to the established program for certain activities.
  • seminar – at least 6 academic hours long, interaction training led by the lecturer under the certain program.
  • lecture – of at least 1 academic hour long, comprehensive and consistent oral teaching.
  • exhibition – public presentation and/or observation, analysis, discussion of advanced educational/pedagogical/artistic experience.
  • conference – at least 6 academic hours long, theoretical, practical and discussion meeting performed according to the program.
  • internship (long-term or short-term) – activity aiming at gaining practical experience, carried out in accordance with the program.
  • educational excursion-seminar – trip program.
  • open lesson/activity – analysis and evaluation of conducting/organizing and/or monitoring of planned and specially prepared lessons/activities.
  • consultation – Expert advice on any issue.
  • methodical day – a cooperation of professional vocational teachers and sharing of thier good practice.
  • practicum – short term up to 4 academic hours long, Interactive interaction between the specialist and the participants in the field, to clarify/deal with specific practical issues.
  • supervision – professional counseling.
  • mini-training – the training related to the planning of the teacher’s activities and the organization of the educational process, the targeted cooperation between pupils, pupils and the teacher, active pupil work lessons, orientated to the practice of professional development events specifically for the school community.
  • forum – a widely represented assembly of open discussion or expression of ideas. 

All the Qualification improvement events are organized and fullfilled in accordance with the monthly activity plan approved by the order of the Headmaster of the TECC, which is published on the website, also is distributed to institutions and organizations by e-mail. Information on changes in the plan is also provided in the same way.

TECC bases its activities on the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania, on Education and other laws of the Republic of Lithuania, by resolutions of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, on the normative acts of the Ministry of Education and Science, on the decisions of Klaipėda City Municipality and Director of administration, the orders of the head of the Education Division of the Education and Culture Department, TECC activities Regulations.

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